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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
12:17 am - la la la...
My parents visited me this weekend, and it was a good time.
Reason one trillion why i think my dad is the sweetest:
when we go to church together, he still gives me the money to put in the basket, just like he did when I was little.

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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
5:24 pm - la la la...
 I need a day off from work, i don't think I've had a day off in like a month, and have worked doubles at the movie theater the last three saturdays........waah, this is me crying for myself.  

The other day I was driving home from work (I had to go into the office for a bit) and I missed my exit, so I ended up at The Galleria, the "fancy" mall in St. Louis, and I decided that I work too much and was at the mall anyway, so I should buy myself something.  I had been thinking about getting a new iPod, so I mosey up to the Apple store.
Now you might be wondering:
 what was wrong with your old iPod?
  'absolutely nothing'
Did you need more space?
 'nope didn't use the space i had, and the one i've got my eye on has half as much space as the one i already own'
Do you use your iPod often?
  'can't tell you the last time I turned it on'

Yet somehow, I walked out of the store with a new ipod....and then immediately realized, I'll never get a day off because now I have to work to re-save what I just spent.

stimulating the economy one misguided purchase at a time.

that being said, it is really cool, and lots of fun to play with, and it's fun carrying the internet around in your pocket, but upon reflection its just not something i needed right now.

current mood: ridiculous

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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
11:34 pm - up in the air...
 so, currently they are filming George Clooney's new movie, Up in the Air in St. Louis, and Jason Reitman, who directed Juno is also directing this film, and today I gave him a bottle of water and a ticket to Knowing (I think).  Apparently much of the cast is staying at the hotel that the theater I work at is in, so there have been a few George sightings and some Jason Bateman sightings.  Seeing Jason Bateman would be awesome, but seeing Jason Reitman was cool, even though I didn't know who he was.  Glad Jacob was there to tell me.

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Saturday, March 7th, 2009
1:15 pm - it's spring, bring back the crazy....
enjoying the lovely day sitting outside of meshuggah drinking my orange juice and eating a bagel, this guy comes up and is looking at one of the star squares that make up the "st. louis walk of fame" then he reaches into his pocket pulling out all his change and just starts throwing it one by one onto the square.  He proceeds to go onto the front step of the coffee shop and pull out the layers of mats they have at the entrance of the shop....because, why not.  My friend Aaron who works at the coffee shop is like 'hey man, what are you doing'.  Aaron starts placing the mats back in their home, but has to put a couple of them on the square in order to do this.  As soon as Aaron lays the mats on the square, the guy starts yelling "hey man, get off my money!  GET OFF MY MONEY!!!".......
gotta love spring!!!!!
: )

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
3:23 pm - where to go next...
 does anyone here have great knowledge, or any knowledge, of how one goes about working abroad? I'm researching on my own, but wondered if anyone on the LJ had any vital information to contribute. 

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Friday, January 9th, 2009
1:22 pm - people are dumb....
Last night at the movie theater, I was holding my candy tray as Slumdog Millionaire let out, and this guy leaves and says to me,
 "you know, turning the lights on during that dance sequence ruined the whole movie, that was the best part and you ruined it by turning the lights on"

"sorry about that sir, i'll let them know that"

"I'm really upset, it just ruined the whole thing, I want my money back, where's your manager"

uhhhh, seriously?!?!
at the end of slumdog the credits start, but it's one of those movies where it has fun credits before the rolling boring x played z list credits begin, and as in every movie I've ever been to, we turn on the lights when the credits start, which means they come on essentially when this dance sequence begins, and if you like dance sequences you can stay, if not you can leave. Apparently for this guy though, turning on the lights when the credits started ruined his whole movie experience, so much so that he needed to demand his money back.

People are ridiculous.

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Monday, December 29th, 2008
11:00 pm
 so all i do these days is work my full time job and then work at the movie theater on the weekend....i've even become one of those people who drops by on my days off, because the theater is three blocks away from my house...it's sad, i know....
but as a result of said dropping by, i now see more movies.

ben buttons, not impressed, and it feels every minute of it's 2hr 45min. length....i did greatly enjoy his mom...plot wise, felt they were a little too inconsistent with how they dealt with the whole born old getting younger deal..not a fan.

the spirit, graphic novels aren't really my scene, but the movie was decent, and i mean it's always worth seeing Samuel L. Jackson do just about anything

seven pounds, little melodramatic, but i'm not gonna lie, i teared up, and i love love love rosario dawson

i really want to see slumdog millionaire, and i'll probably check out valkyrie sometime, just because it's showing at our theater

i'm attempting to do yoga....we'll see how long this lasts!

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Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
2:31 pm - IDINA MENZEL!!!

so, after much soul searching, I decided to go to the Idina Menzel (think original broadway cast Maureen in Rent  and Elfaba in Wicked) concert at the pageant last night INSTEAD of a free, Live on the Levee, Boyz II Men concert.  As the concert was about to start, I was starting to doubt the choice I made, cuz Boyz II Men for free...that's a pretty sweet deal...and broadway stars trying to do the solo thing in my experience is a little awkward, especially if they don't embrace their broadway roots, so I was concerned....but she embraced what made her well known, so it was better than i had even hoped it would be! 

After she did songs from her album, she started talking about her life, so she said to the great sadness of her parents, she never had a Bat Mitzvah, and sang a prayer/bible excerpt in Hebrew, which is what she would have chosen to sing if she had decided to have one. She sung the story of Devorah and what a strong lady she was. 

She then told how on Thanksgiving day her parents decided to announce that they were getting a divorce, thus ruining Thanksgiving for her forever, and her mom got upset and threw out Thanksgiving dinner, but then felt bad, so they went to have dinner at some banquet hall type thing that was open.

Since her parents were getting divorced, she got a gig as a wedding/bar mitzvah singer where every weekend she had to perforom at the same place they had eaten Thanksgiving dinner.  She then embarked on a medley of wedding tunes, which included an amazing cover of Roxanne, and a black sequenced 80's dress with shoulder pads.  She also told us her hair was all teased out and parted at the ear a la Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza.

She did this until, as she says, she got a role in a little off-broadway production called Rent. She sang No Day but Today, and it was awesooome.  

As she was lying down on the ground with her leg in the air complaining about how her jeans were too long, she decided she should just take her heels off, and as she was doing this the band started up, so she told them she was ready, and just begins singing her song wihile lying on the ground with her leg in the air trying to unstrap her heel.

She called out someone who had snuck in a camera, and kindly said she knows they're doing it cuz they like her and are going to put it up on youtube, but get rid of the red light.

She did a freestyle song about St. Louis, which went something to the effect of I'm getting gooey with my fans in St. Louis. It was adorable.

She sung two songs from Wicked, my favorite part of For Good, and of course, she sang Defying Gravity.

She was just random, and awesome, and did the moonwalk, and told a story about going into public with her green makeup on from Wicked, and it was just a most excellen time, and I went with a new friend, Cambrie, who I had never really hung out with, so it was all good fun from the company to the performer.  

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Sunday, July 6th, 2008
11:06 pm - word to your mother bear....what's up with the IU/Collins weekend?

finallly made it to the City Museum this weekend, which was just as awesome as everyone said it would be.  It's pretty much a giant jungle gym that is fun for kids and adults alike.  There are things to climb, slide down, crawl through, jump through, etc....but it's fun for one and all.  We went on the 4th and got to watch the fireworks going off in north county from the castle that is a part of the outside madness that is the city museum.  

then last night I went to Ted Drewes, which is a famous St. Louis custard place, I got the equivilant of an oreo blizzard, and it pretty much tasted like an oreo blizzard, which is okay with me, cuz I love them, but it was not life changing custard. Checked out some fireworks at a backyard barbeque that this guy tony was having.  Found out that my friend Manfred is dating a girl named Sarah who went to IU and lived in Collins, so we got to bond over IU for a bit....seems like it was an IU/Collins kinda weekend for everybody.  And then we went dancing, which per usual, was a ton o' fun.  Liz was there once again, which remains a fun surprise.

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
11:54 pm - woot, woot
 we had a chat today about boys and  penis on penis  hugs and the ambiguity of it all while at bar louie.
sometime the world is awesome.

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
9:45 pm - dooot, doooooot
saw Sex and the City on Sunday, which was alright, too long for my taste, but it was a cute movie.  The thing that made the experience something to remember was the crowd about us.  So, the row in front of me has like 7 early 20-something girls, dressed to the 9's ready to see this movie together, but half of them are getting snacks/going to the bathroom.  This guy and this girl come into the row, thinking two of the seats are free when really there is a bag in one of them, so the girl saving the seat, is all 'no, my friends sitting here, sorry, it's saved' Guy and his lady friend are disappointed, they stand in the aisle for a few seconds trying to scout out new seats, then the guy just decides they're gonna sit there anyway...

guy: "no, we're just gonna sit here"

girl "you can't, my friend's sitting here, she'll be right back"

guy:"well we bought tickets too, so we're gonna sit here"

*guy sits in empty seat, and momentarily makes girlfriend try to overtake seat saving girl*

*seat saving girl holds the bag down in the chair and drapes her leg over it as well, so that girlfriend can't sit there*

*guy moves girlfriend over to the empty seat, and more or less pushes the girls leg off the chair/moves/sits on the bag*

girl in back row who is also with the same group: hey, you can't sit there, our friend is sitting there, you have to move

*guy does not move*

*girl in back row goes to get manager* 

*manager comes*

manager "sir you're gonna have to move, you can sit somewhere else in the theater, but you can't sit here"

guy "why not? i bought tickets too"

manager "i understand, but you can't sit here, people are already sitting here they just went to get concessions"

guy "how do you even know they're here"

*as luck would have it girls are walking back into theater at the right moment*

girl "they're here, we've been here, they're coming, they're right there"

manager "yeah, so you're gonna have to move"

guy "well, i get up when i want to"

manager "sir if you don't get up, i'm going to have to get security"

*manager begins to exit aisle to go get security*

*guy gets up and tries to barrel over manager before manager can get out of aisle*

In the end, the guy and girl left, but it was a pretty ridiculous situation, and even more ridiculous that the guy and his girl were on the same page, if i had been her i would have been so embarrassed, but they both seemed to feel that they should have been allowed to sit in those seats.  It was a wild situation full of far too much hostility over a couple of movie theater seats. 

Then there was also a girl next to me who kept texting on her huge phone and held a minimum of three conversations during the movie.  It was an interesting event.

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
5:37 pm - mini marathon, tegan and sara....
went home to indy this weekend to run the mini-marathon with my uncle Lou, cousin Veronica, and her husband Brad.  It was a good time, and I did better than I thought I would.  We decided to go with a run four minutes, walk one minute strategy, so that we could all stay together, and it worked pretty well.  Uncle Lou was getting tired at the end, but we all rallied behind him, and we finished together in about 2hr 45min, which met the goal of finishing under three hours.  After the race, my intestines did not appreciate that I had run so much with essentially no preperation, but aside from that, it was an excellent time.  

When I got back on Sunday, I went to the Tegan and Sara concert with Sam, Matthew, and Lisa.  It was pretty much awesome, they're funny ladies, and I left a bigger fan, which I always appreciate when I go to a concert.  Some girl also made us all go to the bar across the street and bought us all a drink, which was perfect, cuz one was all we wanted. 

p.s. oprah just made barbara walters cry  

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Monday, April 21st, 2008
8:24 pm - meeting the New Pornographers.....

So, Saturday my friend Sam held a Sedar, where much wine was consumed, upon it's conclusion she and I went to the New Pornographers concert.  We then returned to her apt. where we busted open the Manischewitz, and began to consume more wine.  Needless to say, I was a wee bit tipsy.  Our friend Charlie was at Pinup Bowl, so we decided to join him.  The New Pornographers were also at Pinup Bowl.  This is the hijinks that ensued:

1.  Sam recognized the lead singer from the band and goes up to say 'good show to him.' As we're walking up to this fine gentlemen, I "recognize" him as the guy that took our ticket upon entering the concert (there was a resemblance) and asked Sam if she ever goes to CBGB, so before Sam speaks, I say to the guy, "hey, you're the ticket guy that asked about CBGB"  He gives me a blank stare, and Sam immediately corrects me and informs that he is not the ticket guy, but in fact the lead singer of the band. 

2.  We had heard rumor that Neko Case had broken her foot and was therefore not performing with the band that night, but neither Sam or I knew what Neko Case looks like, so because I will talk to anyone when I'm drunk, I was sent to ask the one girl present in the band if she was or was not Neko Case.  She was not, but she is regularly in the band and backup Neko Case when needed, her name is Cathryn and she is very nice, and was a pretty decent bowler.

3.  I chatted with Cathryn and the Keyboard guy from the band for a bit and watched them bowl.  I then moved on to chat with some guy from Stars, when I was done with this, Sam came over to talk to him, while I moved to chat with some guy from Okkervil River, again we talked about bowling and touring.  It was good fun.

4. The Stars guy took a liking to Sam, so he came back to her apt. with us, which was funny, but he didn't stay long, cuz he had to go catch the bus.  He then facebook friended her, and it has since been determined that while he does appear to be in the band, he's not an official member of the band, as his name is not listed as a member, we're not sure what this is about.  

and that's how we met the new pornographers. so random.  and to think sam and i almost passed on going to pinup, so we could drink more wine and watch the rest of It Could Happen to You   

current mood: amused

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Thursday, March 6th, 2008
10:19 pm

Tuesday there were blizzard like conditions in the STL, work closed at 3pm due to the inclement weather, which never happens, so it was pretty bad outside, but I got to leave which was awesome (even though the boss didn't tell me the office had closed until 3:45, which was lame), buuuuut he did redeem himself by telling me of a back route to get home, and my dad via cell phone helped me navigate it, so it took me a half hour to get home, instead of the 3 or so it took many due to the fact that portions of the highways/interstates were closed. 

I was then convinced by Charlie and Lisa to drive in to the city and go sledding with them.  While making my way into the city, I determined that the decision to go was probably a bad one, but by the time I made that determination turning around no longer made sense (nor was it really possible with the traffic jam/snow), so I kept it moving...slowly but surely.  

A bunch of us went sledding, which I've not done in years, and it was tons o fun. We used trays from the Wash U cafeteria, which aside from the whole having to keep your legs lifted situation, worked really well.  We formed a train, using one two person sled, multiple tray "sleds", and some disc sleds.  I believe the most we got down the hill semi-successfully was 8.  We were solid at getting all the way down with three or four people, but larger numbers got us half way down at best. 

There's a pond at the bottom of the hill, and as the night progressed, a fog began to rise that essentially enveloped the hill, which was amazingly beautiful....a little dangerous, cuz you really couldn't see more than ten feet in front of you, so we had to shout at folks walking back up the hill to get out of the way when we were coming down.....anyway it was kinda magical, like walking in a cloud or something...i don't know.

yesterday it was 50 and sunny, the weather is weird. 

I started reading Get Happy, which is a Judy Garland biography, and even though i have issue with the style of writing, i for some reason cannot stop reading it.

current mood: content

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
10:32 pm
The phones were out of order at work today for 5 hours, which was awesome....
but I forgot the book I'm currently reading, which was lame.

The time is quickly approaching when I must decide if I should stay in the STL or go back home.  I am having a difficult time making a decision.....most of the time, I'm pretty sure I will stay....but then there are times when I think of all the money I could be saving and the friends I'd get to see more often if I just moved home, and i think to myself that home is where i should go.  However,  I enjoy the STL and the friends that I have made here, but many of them appear to be leaving by the summer/fall for school, working abroad, etc, which is a big part of my delimma.  Hmm...decisions. 


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Monday, December 17th, 2007
1:22 am
The Christmas party at Meshuggah was this evening, and it was quite the event.  The regulars and employees joined together for a pot luck dinner upstairs at the coffee shop.  So, there was food and free booze, already an excellent start, then Marcel gave me a pack of Omar Sharif playing cards...who knew such a thing even existed....needless to say i was very happy to be the recipient of the cards.  We played memory and bullshit, while a man and woman playing a fiddle and a guitar, respectively, jammed behind us.  Then the dance party began, and I was sad that I had to leave and drive back home, so i could go to sleep and go to work tomorrow. work is lame. 

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Saturday, September 29th, 2007
1:50 am
 went to the flaming lips concert for free tonight thanks to a connection my new stl friend steve has....i do hope he knows we are just friends, i can never tell in these matters

the concert was amazing, probably the most high energy show i've ever been to with all the laser pointers, balloons, confetti, video, etc.  I am also glad that of the two flaming lips songs i knew going in that they played 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots' because it was definitely the best sing along of the show.

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Monday, August 13th, 2007
9:02 pm

I want Cat Deeely to narrate my life, and I want Debbie Allen to be my life coach.
That is all.

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Thursday, July 5th, 2007
1:43 am
On All My Children today the women of Fusion did trust falls...how much did i love it?....too much.  Doing trust falls on a soap opera, it just doesn't get better.  

Later I went to Nick's and someone played God Bless the USA on the jukebox, and for a brief moment one half of my life dream came true.  As myself, and about three or four rowdy guys belted out the chorus together, the music aspect of my life being a musical was taken care of, if only there were a spur of the moment dance routine to go along with it things would have been perfect.

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
6:16 pm - The NYC..
As a graduation present from my aunt and uncle, I was given a trip to Jersey City/New York to visit my cousin Caitlin. I have just returned and had an excellent time.

Day 1- I make it safely to Jersey City, NJ, which I was concerned about when I said yes to the taxi offer I got, and then once I was in the car, I realized that the car was neither yellow, nor did it have a big taxi sign above it.

Queens- beer garden, as I go talk to boys playing beer pong, my cousin and her boyfriend discuss what the rules are about allowing me to go home with someone, I return to the table, so it becomes a non-issue.

Day 2- Brooklyn- Coney Island. We survive the Cyclone, it was a scary endeavor, Caitlin is still traumatized. We have "the best" pizza in America, I think it might be the best pizza on the block. We have the kind of service that I had hoped I would get while in the city. Our waitress came up to us felt it necessary to pass out paper cups/plates to us, all while stand at the end of our table talking on the phone, once she's finally done, no apology, just a request for our drink order, and a death glare/eye roll, when Caitlin and I say our drinks at the same time, and she has to ask the question again. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it.

current mood: amused

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